About Ivy Digital

At Ivy Digital we believe that every child is unique hence have unique learning styles. Therefore we cater for a variety of learning styles incorporating the theory of multiple intelligence.

As a result, our learning activities include an array of multimedia resources to engage learners and create space for interactivity, creativity and knowledge construction.

We believe in harnessing every learners’ full potential by creating an environment where all learners can learn at their own pace.

Who we are

Ivy Digital has been developed over four years. During this time the goals and processes of education have been researched and been integrated into an education system that is contemporary, innovative and progressive. Ivy Digital has integrated the best of current educational systems with the multi-media potential of the future. Research has shown that new millennium students are innately multi-media inclined. It makes no sense to subject them to a uni-dimensional world when they could flourish in an environment that is diverse, vibrant and yes…fun.

Please note that we do not operate as a registered school, we only provide additional support services. Our learning methodology is made up of lessons, e-books. Podcasts, diagnostics, reporting and an Artificial Intelligence engine that is able to flag student weaknesses.


Ivy Digital recognizes that too many students do not reach their full potential because of obstacles within the present educational system. Ivy Digital has made a commitment to all students to empower them and enable them to achieve their excellence – however they may define their personal goals and dreams.

Technological Skills...

An education system also needs to assess the context in which it is functioning. Our world is advancing at an unprecedented rate and all students need to be equipped with the technological skills that will enable them to be functional within a global village.


Ivy Digital does not advocate e-learning or computer studying at the expense of tried and tested educational methodologies. There can be no doubt that an excellent teacher in front of a class of students can motivate and inspire young people to achieve excellence. In fact, of the processes of education mentioned above, computer studying can only be effective with reference to instruction, assessment and remediation. What about understanding, retention and assimilation? Furthermore, what about support, encouragement and positive reinforcement – the feedback mechanisms in which all people thrive and develop?


Although Ivy Digital respects and pays tribute to the inspired and enthusiastic teacher in front of the classroom, we recognize the limitations of this pedagogical approach, specifically within our hi-tech society. The expertise of this teacher is limited within time to this specific class of students. Also, what about the student who is too shy to ask a question? What about the student who is struggling in this subject and is confused? What about the student who is bored because the pace of the lesson is too slow? What about the student who has difficulty concentrating? What about the student who has personal issues and is distracted in all lessons?

For any discerning parent, Ivy Digital is the smart choice!


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The AI model predicts students who are at risk of dropping out of a course.

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The AI model identifies low participation in courses. As soon as this happens, you will receive a notification.

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The AI model predicts and identifies students who find it difficult to pass a quiz/test. As soon as this happens, you will receive a notification.

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The AI model predicts and identifies students who are at risk of not completing specific courses. Again, you will receive a notification when this happens.

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